Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Razzle Dazzle by Connie Michael

This elegant shoe is just what you need for a celebration.

Available for a mere $40, this shoe will get you the attention you're looking for. Wrap it up and give it as a gift to your best friend, mother, sister or daughter. Stand back and enjoy the smile. There's nothing like a surprise!

Visit our Canvas by Canvas website for a larger selection of shoes ... and more!


Hotsy Dotsy by Elaine Schneider

This cute red slipper is part of our Canvas by Canvas mini-series. This $280 shoe is 6x6 acrylic, painted on gallery wrapped canvas and is available for a short while at the bargain price of $40. You'd better hurry while we still have it in your size! For purchasing information go to Canvas by Canvas.

PARTY ANIMAL by Pat Salazar

The first pair of shoes that I painted when I was in Santa Fe was entitled "Party Pumps", so what better name for this new little panting than "Party Animal". Of course, no party is complete without a glass or two of a good Sauvignon Blanc to go along with a great looking pair of shoes and that wonderful little black dress to set the mood for a fun evening.
I saw these particular shoes in a window in Santa Fe and there was a very high dollar price tag on them. I decided that it would be a much better investment to paint them rather than wear them. That way I could share them with others in a creative way.
The heels were almost as high as the price tag was and I was certain that I wouldn't be able to walk in them. I'd probably be turning my ankle rather than people's heads if I showed up at a party with them on my feet!
This little shoe is acrylic on a 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas. It is priced at $40. We are suggesting that you purchase several of our little gems that are in our mini series, either one at a time or several together and put them in one of our custom made frames. You can check these frames out on our web page. By doing this, you can build your own one of a kind original painting by adding another small painting as gift for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary ... it's rather like an add a pearl necklace and a great way to start an art collection. Oh ... and don't forget Christmas when you need to get something for that someone special. It will be here sooner than you think! Be sure and keep us in mind when you need something original for that special person in your life. Check out our web page at http://www.canvasbycanvas.com/ as we have updates on a regular basis.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Check out our Slide Show!

In honor of our month long July birthday celebration, we are posting a collage of all the cupcakes that we baked (er . . . painted) in honor of the event. We hope you'll visit our Canvas By Canvas website to see them up close and personal. They'd make a wonderful birthday present for anyone with a sweet tooth -- they can have their cake with ABSOLUTELY NO CALORIES!!!

Thanks to our Blogger expert, Nancy Standlee, for showing us how to prepare a little slide show for your enjoyment.

Single Shoes ~ New Mini Series ~ Canvas by Canvas

6" x 6"
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Painted by Nancy Standlee
Summer and shoes and Sashay - always exciting to dream about and Canvas by Canvas has been having a lot of fun selecting your new styles. You have seen our Pair of Shoes mini series and our Cupcake Celebrities mini series and now we'd like to share our Single Shoes mini series.
At CBC you will find your expected vivid colors, whimsical themes and great suggestions for decorating the boudoir, the vanity, or gifts for those special people on your list. Please, when you visit our site leave a comment below the post, sign up for our emails at the top right of the blog, and come back often. We love to have a visit and discuss sashaying in the summer in our new shoes.

See our other blog at Artist Food Network.
Posted by Nancy Standlee

Friday, July 27, 2007


This will be my first entry in the Canvas by Canvas blog since we've been painting cupcakes. I have spent the entire morning working on this little painting that I started last night. It's wonderful to be able to get up early, enjoy some delicious flavored coffee, listen to the world wake up as our local Mockingbird chirps good morning to everyone just outside of our kitchen door, and paint until you finally accomplish what consider to be a "fun" painting. I found out that whipped cream is almost as hard to paint as it is for your system to digest it.(Maybe I'll paint Cool Whip next time ;-) Be sure and check out our web page at http://www.canvasbycanvas.com/ and see what else is there.
All of our little gems in our mini series are 0n 6x6 gallery wrapped canvases and can be framed alone or as a group. They are all priced at $40 each. I think they would look wonderful in either a kitchen or a child's room. We are all, after all, children at heart, and who doesn't like cupcakes! Since they're so small and not nearly as filling as a piece of cake, I'm sure that most of the calories have been removed. In fact, there are NO calories in our paintings. Bon Appetite!

Cupcake Celebrities ~ I'm Coconuts About You ~ by Elaine Schneider

6" x 6" Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Elaine Schneider from Canvas by Canvas painted this Cupcake Celebrity to add to our birthday celebration Mini Series. If you'd like to purchase this painting or a combination of our Mix and Match series click HERE.

A new blog has been launched by CBC and it is all about food, recipes and painting, The Artist Food Network. We'd like for our artists friends to contribute a recipe and a photo of a painting. Email us and we'll tell you all about it artistrecipes@gmail.com or read about it on the blog. We welcome comments on any of our blog posts. Look below the post and you will find an area that might say 0 comments or it might say 4 comments. Click and add your comment and don't forget to subscribe to our blogs. Top Right or Left of the blog and it will say Subscribe Me and add you email and verify. Thanks from all of us at CBC.
Nancy Standlee

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Taste of Sunshine

Barbara Hackney produced the next painting, "Taste of Sunshine", in the deliciously delightful Cupcake Series from Canvas by Canvas for our Birthday celebration. Why put a sunflower on a cupcake? Sunflowers make me smile! BG Hackney

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BLUE VELVET - Cindy Campbell

Hopefully she didn't wear this "Blue Velvet" concoction. Another offering from the Canvas by Canvas artists for the Mini Series "Cupcakes". Painted by Cindy Campbell, also known as C2, is the author of this 6"x 6" acrylic on canvas concoction. Whether it's red velvet or blue velvet it's delicious. Buy yours now.

"Blue Velvet" ~ 6"x 6" ~ acrylic on canvas ~ $40

Friday, July 20, 2007

"CUPCAKE SUNDAE" by Cindy Yandell

Ice Cream Sundae?... or CUPCAKE?? A multi-tasking dessert? Actually, it is a birthday cupcake to commemorate our first year of collaboration painting together at Canvas by Canvas. If you’re interested in this 6 x 6 acrylic painting and other birthday celebration cupcake paintings, please go to our web site below.

“Cupcake Sundae” 6 x 6 Acrylic Painting $40.00 Click here to see your cupcake choices:

If you’d like to see more of Cindy Yandell’s paintings, check out our Canvas by Canvas site.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Guilt Free Chocolate! by Connie Michael

Close your eyes and imagine ... Hot and fresh from the oven ... rich, dark chocolate cake, topped with cool, silky whipped sweet cream, sprinkled with cinnamon, then crowned with a luscious, juicy red strawberry. m-mmm m-mmm! Can't you just taste it? The best news is that this cupcake is what every girl dreams of ... guilt free chocolate!

There's no need for dieting when it comes to these cupcakes for as Rachel Ray (http://www.rachelray.com/) would say, this recipe is figure friendly and the perfect treat for any celebration! And if chocolate's not your bag, head over to the party and choose your favorite flavor. We've got something for everyone, and at a "budget friendly" price. The party has already started and cupcakes are being served at www.canvasbycanvas.com. Head over for a quick bite and see what this party's all about. Come on ... indulge yourself!

6x6 acrylic on canvas


optional custom frames available

Triple Rose Delight a cupcake painting by Margie Whittington

TRIPLE ROSE DELIGHT is my contribution to the CBC Cupcake mini series of visually delicious cupcakes. Because there is no weight gain involved, one can devour as many as one wants with not an ounce gained. You will loose even more when you empty your pockets to purchase one of these delectable delights. Pick the ones you like and have them framed in one of our custom frames that are very reasonably priced.
Click here to see your choices
"Triple Rose Delight"
6" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas
Purchase for only $40
Don't miss the other mini series of "Sassy Shoes" and many other paintings on our website, http://www.canvasbycanvas.com/ and blog http://www.canvasbycanvas.blogspot.com/
If you would like to view more of Margie Whittington's work, view her website http://www.margiewhittington.com/ and blogspot http://mwmuralsandmore.blogspot.com/
Other CBC bloggers are:

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cupcake Celebrities NEW MINI SERIES from Canvas by Canvas

I'm so embarrassed! This is my first contribution to the new mini series of Canvas by Canvas cupcakes, and my cat took a bite out of it. This Pink Cloud fluffy cupcake, however, IS AVAILABLE by itself or along with a few other items from the Canvas by Canvas bakery and you can view it HERE to see how it looked before the little rascal took a bite out of it.

This new mini series of delectible, delicious cupcakes from the artists of Canvas by Canvas is in honor of our JULY BIRTHDAY. All 11 artists are baking up a storm (or else scouting out the market) for their favorite cupcakes to paint in this new mini series. These mix and match CUPCAKES give you the opportunity to create your own Canvas by Canvas mini painting! Simply select your favorite(s) and have them delivered along with an optional, custom-made wood frame.

Elizabeth Mitchell Taylor

Pink Cloud , 6" x 6"

Acrylic on Canvas $40.00


The next pair of our Mini Series "Sassy Shoes" is Elaine Schneider's, "Special Occasion Shoes". This small painting is sure to be special for you any where you hang it. All of our Sassy Shoes are available for viewing on Canvas by Canvas' website. Be sure to subscribe to our blog (see box at top of this blog) so you can get our daily updates to our continuing Mini Series theme paintings. We're doing fishing flies next....and our lead fisher woman, Margie Whittington, will be heading that one up. Next up...CUPCAKES...and you'll want several of those to hang in your kitchen or by your computer. They are 100% fat and sugar free but would still be a sweet addition to your collections.
"Special Occasion Shoes" ~ 6"x 6" ~ acrylic on canvas ~ $40
Purchasing information available on our website, click here for details.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


These lovely blue denim shoes were painted by our own Connie Michael. Read more about Connie and her other art on her blog. See our whole line of Sassy Shoes plus a complete showing of our paintings on our website.

DENIM BLUE ~ 6"x 6" ~ acrylic on canvas ~ $40
for purchasing information plus go here or write to us at Canvasbycanvas@gmail.com

Monday, July 16, 2007


"Mad for Plaid" ~ by Cindy Yandell ~ 6"x 6" ~ acrylic on canvas ~ $40
for purchasing information contact Canvas by Canvas here.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

LET'S PARTY!!! by Pat Salazar

Step out on the town in these strappy blue shoes. Each of Canvas by Canvas' Sassy Shoes series is a collectors item. Buy one, or two or ten. Custom framing is available. Check our website for details.

"Party Pumps" ~ by Pat Salazar ~ 6"x 6" - acrylic on canvas ~ $40

Friday, July 13, 2007


Zebra Striped Designer High Heeled Shoes, what better to wear with your animal print designer outfits. Another pair of heels to add to the Canvas by Canvas mini series of Sassy Shoes.

6" x 6" wrapped canvas


$40 is a great price for a pair of Zebra Striped heels!

Painted by Canvas by Canvas Artist, Margie Whittington

Thursday, July 12, 2007


From Queen of Hearts to Queen of the Nile, "Cleopatra's" are another offering from Canvas by Canvas's new Mini Series of Sassy Shoes.

Cleopatra's by Cindy Campbell ~ 6"x 6" acrylic on canvas ~ $40

Canvas by Canvas LLC - Our First Birthday

A Birthday Celebration Cupcake ~ A TASTE OF SUNSHINE ~ by Barbara Hackney
Canvas by Canvas LLC is a group of eleven close friends and fellow Texans who paint collaboratively together. That is, all of our fine art pieces contain six to twelve canvases painted in acrylics, each created by a different artist. Simply put, we cut up our own photos into squares and blindly draw for the square we get to paint. The proposed subject matter is always voted upon as is the title of the piece, the frame is built by a carpenter husband, and the final assemblage usually calls for a group celebration; however, sometimes the celebration is delayed as an artist might tweak a bit to make her canvas integrate with the others as well as it can.

People who see our work for the first time usually ask "How do you all paint so much alike that it’s hard to tell one artist’s work from another’s?" The answer is... we don’t know! I suppose the fact that we’ve been painting together for years has to have an effect on our personal styles. But I think it’s more than that. This past year being a member of Canvas by Canvas (the corporation) is like suddenly having 10 new best friends. We are eager to share with one another every single thing in our lives, and that includes tips, techniques, photos, ideas, and advice. It is a delight to take a new workshop and come back home to "teach" the other 10 members what we learned!

It does take a lot of constant communication, however, to keep up with each other, as some are far more energetic--or shall I say--gung-ho than others. But here we are... middle-aged and more, having the time of our lives. College kids in a dormitory couldn’t have more fun than we do when we go off on painting retreats together. More often than that, though, are the bi and tri-weekly "events" we attend together, whether it’s a painting day at the local gallery where we can all "fit" in the studio with our individual tonnage of art supplies, or a new movie after lunch, or scouting around on photo shoots to get ideas for our paintings.

During the past 12 months, CBC artists have produced some 35 large paintings and the group has been highlighted in several publications including a full-page ad for Dick Blick in Artist’s Magazine. All four paintings entered in the Dallas PCPC Arts Festival juried show were accepted for display, one winning a First Place ribbon and cash prize. Creative Catalyst Productions awarded Canvas by Canvas a National Merit Award in the summer of 2006 for one of their pieces, and in May of 2007 another painting won the Juror’s Choice Award. A brand new television show called "The Art of Living" is featuring the artists in a TV segment to be broadcast worldwide in high definition during the fall of this year.

No wonder we’re so happy! Is something wrong with this picture? We just don’t see what it could be.

Happy Birthday to us!
CYandell for CBC


Speaking of Valentine's Day, in our previous post about red hots and chocolate cupcakes, today's offering from our Sassy Shoes Mini Series is entitled "Queen of Hearts". It was painted by Barbara Hackney. She is OUR queen of hearts! Why not start your collection of our Sassy Shoes today!!

"Queen of Hearts" ~ by Barbara Hackney ~ 6"x 6" ~ $40

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Speaking of Red Hots, here is the next offering from our Sassy Shoes Mini Series. These red shoes were painted by Elizabeth Mitchell-Taylor and entitled, appropriately for today, RED HOT MAMAS!!
Acrylic on canvas ~ 6x6 ~ $40.00

Cupcake Talk Reminds Me

When my youngest son Andy was in the first grade, I took chocolate cupcakes to his school valentine party. To make them seem more festive, I put Red Hots on top. When he was handed his cupcake, he turned around and looked at me with a frown and said impatiently, "Uh! I can't chew and suck at the same time!" I just had to laugh he was so serious. We still laugh about it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ANNOUNCING .... Our New Mini Series CUPCAKES

Cupcake Love by Nancy Standlee
6" x 6"
Acrylic on canvas Gallery wrapped canvas 7/8" profile

For purchase go to

Custom frames are available in single, double, triple or quadruple and can be viewed along with the shoes on our website.
Canvas by Canvas
We hope you love these little gems as much as we have loved creating them. All things small and wonderful. These are our newest paintings. We look forward to your responses.

When our collaborative painting group began talking about the cupcake series it generated hundreds of emails over night. One CBCer woke up to 150 new emails after thinking the topic had waned and went to bed. She wrote to me “You sure talk slow but type fast.” Others not involved in blogging – YET-- tend to call the rest “Bloggernuts” and I may have to agree. But we’re just “baby bloggers” excited about cupcakes and blogging. I did a “cupcake” blog search on Technorati and oh, well, HELLO! So I need to add a disclaimer here. “No, we’re not cupcakes. We’re painting cupcakes.” Most of us have a history with cupcakes. I don’t think I remember my Mom making them but she did make her share of 3 layer chocolate cakes from scratch: however, I’ve made my share for school parties, but none as cute as our fancy little acrylic cupcake numbers. I found a delightful article in the
San Francisco Chronicle by Amanda Gold, called Cupcake Cravings: These irresistible confections bring out the kid in all of us. For a great cupcake blog try Chockylit Cupcake Bakeshop.
Johnny Cupcakes is another story. Here is part of it about how he started a very successful t-shirt design company:
“I began poking fun at pop culture by replacing familiar icons with cupcakes! A
Statue of Liberty holding a cupcake instead of a torch, a jet plane dropping
cupcakes instead of bombs..and at the time the skull and crossbones was all over
the place, so I thought it would be funny to replace the skull with a cupcake.
That t-shirt seemed to be the most bold, memorable and admirable t-shirtout of
the random shirts I continued releasing.”
So everyone seems to have a cupcake connection. Our cupcakes paintings are whimsical plus a bit of nostalgia, and trendy and we hope you like them. We’ve had a ton of fun painting them.

ANNOUNCING.....Our New Mini Series

Canvas by Canvas is pleased and excited to officially announce our latest paintings entitled, "Mini Series". Our first offering will be pairs of shoes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Each painting is done in acrylics on a 6" x 6" gallery wrapped canvas. These adorable paintings are colorful, whimsical and very collectible. Available for $100 each plus shipping and handling you can easily see your way to owning at least one of these gems. Custom made frames are available in a sizes to fit one, two, three or four paintings. Frames can be viewed along with the shoes on our website, Canvas by Canvas. New shoes will be posted daily. Our next series will be cupcakes in honor of Canvas by Canvas' anniversary. We hope you love these little gems as much as we have loved creating them. All things small and wonderful; this describes these newest paintings.

"Flower Power" by Maryann Stephens ~ Acrylic on Canvas
6"x 6" ~ $40.00

Monday, July 9, 2007

The Artful Weekend CBC at Work

Paint, art, good food, blogs, emails, good friends, slumber parties – all make for great weekends for Canvas by Canvas. A big difference in a slumber party that we had at 16 and the one we may experience now is there is not an authority figure telling us to go to bed. We met for lunch on the West side of Fort Worth at the Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile and Trolley Stop CafĂ©. After a quick antique look we headed west to unload massive numbers of totes, sacks, and boxes, ice chests, every art supply imaginable, tables, and lamps. Once we’ve secured our “nest” the painting begins. This particular paint-out was to prepare for our big launch tomorrow of a new line of canvas squares. One member likened our gatherings as going to “Vacation Bible School” – we do arts and paint, learn some new crafts, we learn something new (blogging for some), play together, and pray over our food. Pablo Picasso said, “It takes a very long time to become young.” We may have made it this time. We just let that child within each of us create and it caused our imaginations to flourish and everyone was contributing and we completed several paintings for the new launch. Painting just makes you feel good. Age is forgotten along with other mundane chores as chasing dust bunnies. We try not to bore our viewers and we hope you find this new series as exciting as we have been making the preparations.
I’ve included some photos showing what it takes for 7 of us to paint together. Some members were on travel and could not attend. They were missed. We’ve traveled to lake houses in Gun Barrel City or retreats near Canton, Garden Valley and to private homes. It is always different, always fun. We hope you enjoy your sight seeing trip with us. Check back tomorrow, please. (In the next to last photo, that shows ONE member's "stuff" and she shall remain nameless.)

Sunday, July 8, 2007

This old truck is finally road ready. This is the final canvas which completes the fourth in our vintage truck series, one that our collectors never seem to tire of. Check out our website as we unveil "Old Red" at http://www.canvasbycanvas.com/.
Do you have a favorite memory to share of places you've been in your own vintage truck? If so, tell us your story!
Connie Michael, CBC Artist

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Canvas by Canvas Collaborative Acrylic Paintings Art Show DeSoto TX July

A large gathering of our paintings are now installed at DeSoto City Hall. Their lobby is large and spacious and is a wonderful venue. A personal invitation awaits you on our website at http://www.canvasbycanvas.com/ along with directions to DeSoto. Cindy Yandell, Elaine Schneider, Nancy Standlee, Barbara Hackney and Cindy Campbell were there to help hang the first installation of our paintings en masse.