Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not Your Old Boot !

Margie Whittington
This is one of nine boot pieces to make
up a newCanvas by Canvas
painting untitled as yet.
It is fun to watch as these
individual paintings
come together to form a large
impressive painting
done by nine different artists.
Go to and click on the
sneek peek and see other paintings in progress.
Ya'll Come Back !

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cessna 195 ~ 77 Victor ~ Wendell Eckert posted by Nancy Standlee

77 Victor
Acrylic Painting on canvas 6 9”x12”, framed at 40” x 31.5”

Canvas by Canvas became aware of the Wendell Eckert story because of one of our members, Maryann, and some of her many friends. In fact she knows just about anyone ever mentioned in our conversations, and many times we’ve heard her begin a story or interject into one of ours “They Used To Live In My Neighborhood” and we’ve abbreviated it to “Oh, it’s just one of Maryann’s TUTLIMN’s.”

So Wendell Eckert is known to us by way of a Maryann TUTLIMN. His daughter, Gretchen, gave Maryann a photo of his vintage Cessna 195, built in 1949, as a basis of our painting. The call numbers of the plane were 77 Victor and can be seen on the wing and the numbers are unique to that individual plane. It is the call number the towers use to direct the plane for landing or other orders.
The plane was built in 1949 and was used by Wendell as the lead plane for the US Forest service primarily in the Sequoia forest. His job was to strategically lead the bombers into the forest to drop the fire retardant. The US Forest Service referred to Wendell as the “Voice of the Sequoias” since he was the lead plane for forest fires for thirty years.

An admirer of Wendell, William (Tim) McMaster has a video of one of his flights on YouTube and he’s seen taking a beautiful bride for a celebratory flight. Wendell was 79 years old in this clip and he began flying in college in Wooster, Ohio and flew until the age of 82 in California, flying over 24,000 hours in his career. He died at age 91. He was born in 1916 in Youngstown, Ohio. Wendell’s house and the airport can be seen at the beginning of the clip in black and white and the photo was taken right after the war. When the war came, he was chosen to join the Army Air Corp in California and serve as flight instructor to countless cadets preparing for battle.

Mr. McMaster told Gretchen he put the video on YouTube with hopes she might enjoy it someday. He said “We loved your Dad very much”. The Cessna 195 is unique as it is a radial engine tail dragger and few of the planes have survived the years because the planes are very temperamental and require very experienced pilots.

Watch the video to see Wendell with the Cessna 195 and enjoy some good music with the ride.

Gretchen and ZoAnn and Tim thank you for providing the information so that CBC could enjoy painting this work and getting to know your story.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July ... and Happy Birthday, CBC by Connie Michael

As we celebrate our country's independence today and the birthday of CBC, I'm grateful not only for our independence, but for the fact that as a community of artists we can also take pride in our DEPENDENCE...on each other. With only a few keystrokes we can find (or provide) a helping hand to encourage, advise, praise, critique, share tips and techniques ... anything at all that we need to make us better artists!

This is also our birthday. I love being part of Canvas by Canvas and what the nine of us have come to mean to each other. I love searching the internet for blogs and websites of other artists, and I love leaving them messages and receiving their responses. What artist isn't happy to be noticed and have someone take time to respond to their work? What a great way to meet new friends and see what incredible talent is out there.

The red truck in the photo is the third in a series we've painted of red trucks and it's one of two commissions we've just completed for someone we think is pretty special. Trucks seem to be popular painting subjects for artists and viewers alike. Can you think of anything that has made us more independent that transportation? And to have transportation that's FUN, too ... what more could we ask? Maybe a red truck, a full moon and someone you love to share the fireworks...?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Square "D" ~ Kinky 2 ~ Sketchbook/Journaling ~ In Bruges by Nancy Standlee

Square "D"
"Save a seat for Kinky 2" for Canvas by Canvas
This is a commission for a larger version of our "Kinky" painting and you can see it On the Easel in progress.
Our easel paintings will be moved out to our paintings when finished so you might need to just check the Paintings menu if the link doesn't work. It depends on the time factor when you read this post. I finished this yesterday at TUG and we are starting another painting of an old Mercury. (We will have a show there in July and more to come.)
To read the rest of the post, go to Nancy Standlee Art Blog.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"H" Square ~ Magnify ~WIP by Nancy Standlee

Nancy painted the "H" square in the new painting, Magnify, by Canvas by Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas
Our signature style is nine 10" canvases painted by each of the 9 members and you will see this one soon as a sneak peak on the CBC web site and it is kept very up to date by Betty Taylor (real name Elizabeth Taylor!!) one of the nine. She's our efficient web guru. Each member of the group provides and shares their talents and special gifts and this makes for a stronger organization and more painting experiences. I know if I weren't a part of this group I would not have painted this square ever on my own. For the 10" size painting a member presents an idea and if the majority rule in favor, it gets painted. CBC member, Karen Foster, took this photograph at a local antique shop and what were we thinking? We voted yes. However, anyone can begin a project on their own in a non-standard format without the majority votes. For example, if you've just taken the perfect longhorn photo and you just have to paint it, decide on the size canvas you want and you'll have 8 others to meet with you at the Upstairs Gallery and draw for squares. Not all members can paint together on a given Monday but TUG is a great place to meet when we can and the studio has large tables and an overhead mirror.
This painting will be entered into an art show based on Luke 15 and the parable of the Lost Coin. In my 10" square I got a small piece of this coin to paint and this is the second Monday of painting on this square and I'm finished and I am sooooo glad.
To read the rest of this post go to Nancy Standlee Art Blog.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fort Worth Community Arts Center ~ CBC ~ Karl Umlauf by Nancy Standlee

This is one of the Canvas by Canvas' newest paintings and can be seen "On the Easel" on the home page.
Yesterday found some of the members hanging our show at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center Art Cafe. Excusa if some of the photos are a little blurry or off centered as our main concern was getting them hung, centered and 58" from the floor.
Karl Umlauf will have a show in the main gallery area. To read more about the artist, check out the June FWCAC newsletter. Other sites of interest would be the Gallery 2 David Dike Fine Art and Estates and David Dike Fine Art.
Classical station WRR 101.1 FM has the event on their arts calendar and will be announcing other details.

See some of our paintings below and please visit the FWCAC and check them out in person as they will appear a lot clearer than in this slide show. Mouse over for captions. If you're not familiar with our work, we are a collaborative group of 9 artists and we each will paint an individual square and look closely at the paintings and you will find our initials somewhere on each square.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Art Splash on the Square ~ Graham, Texas ~ Reception and Awards by Nancy Standlee

See the post on May 10 to see our Canvas by Canvas acrylic painting entries for the National Juried exhibit in Graham. I was in the Myrna Wacknov workshop in Cedar Hill until about 3:00 Friday, did a quick load up, and headed to Graham to meet Canvas by Canvas artists, Cindy Yandell, Karen Foster, and Barbara Hackney for the awards and reception at 6:00 and a catered dinner at 7:00 p.m. We met some wonderful artists and saw some great work and renewed some friendships from our first Graham visit. We heard there were nearly 400 entries, 93 were in the show and approximately 10 of those were sculpture so CBC is feeling proud to be in the show. If you'd like to see all the entries they are posted on the Art Splash site.
We were invited to spend the night in Cindy's relatives bunkhouse in Caddo about 60 miles away. What a treat to be out in the country and it was dark and very quiet and I watched where I stepped as this was the scene of the rattlesnake roundup that I'd blogged about earlier. We had our own private bunk and bathroom - the place was huge. I had good intentions of getting my photo made in Jim's new tractor but forgot to do so but I had the gorilla pod still in the car from the workshop and Saturday morning I did get a group shot with it for the slide show seen below. We returned to Graham on Saturday to enjoy more of the festivities and to visit with our Graham friends, eat in the Magnolia Tea Room again, and see how our friend, Vickie, was dressed. She has a shop in town, J Dolittle and Co. and some $$ were spent at her booth. We're looking forward to another good visit when we come to pick up our paintings.. or we hope maybe just one painting and maybe two will sell?
In the slide show, watch for the photo of an art drawing manikin and it is strange as the hands and feet are on the wrong sides. Mouse over for captions.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Art Splash on the Square ~ Graham, Texas ~ Saturday, May 17, 2008 by Nancy Standlee

Hootin' Nannies

King of the Road

Rainbow of Boots

The Art Splash on the Square in Graham, Texas, is fast approaching. Three of our Canvas by Canvas paintings have been delivered and soon the festivities will begin with a big old Texas sized Dinner and Sneak Preview of the National Art Show on Friday night, May 16, by reservations only.
To read some of our CBC Graham history, read the post of Jan. 5.
Art Splash has several categories open to artists.

1. The American Splash National Competition is a Juried Art Competition and Show open to all professional artists. The show is held in the historic Old Post Office Museum and Art Center in downtown Graham, TX. 2008 Jury of selection and jury of awards will be nationally-known painter and sculptor, Scott Myers.
2. The highly anticipated Lake Country Show will be held in conjunction with this year’s Art Splash on the Square on Graham's beautiful historic downtown square. Proceeds from Art Splash on the Square benefit organizations in the Graham area that support the arts. All artists within a 150-mile radius of Graham, Texas, of Professional, Advanced or Intermediate skill levels, working in all medias are invited to show and compete for ribbons & cash prizes. (Artists not in the surrounding area entered work in the American Splash Competition). The show is held in the American Legion Building in downtown Graham, TX. The 2008 Jury of Selection of awards will be nationally known painter Ann Hardy.
3. The Jr. Rembrandt Art Show is open to children in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th Grade and they are urged to compete in categories of Paintings, Drawings, Pastels, Photography, & 3-D. The show is held at the Jr. Rembrandt Tent at Art Splash on the Square.
4. Artisans in Art Splash is an annual outdoor event that showcases quality and professionalism featured in unique artisan work, fine arts, and music.

The Square will be the place to be on the 18th with so many choices of activities.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bluebonnet Square A

Bluebonnet, Square A
by Margie Whittington
10" x 10"
acrylic on canvas
The painting that CBC is working on is
a close up of bluebonnets.
I enjoyed the colors,
blues, lavendars, pinks and greens.
The shapes and movement
make a nice abstract painting.

Check our
Canvas by Canvas website
in the next week or two
to see the finished painting.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

PCPC ~ CBC Apples ~ A Winner ~ Gables Villa Rosa by Nancy Standlee

"The Core of Sin"
Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 30" Each square is painted by a different artist in Canvas by Canvas.
WON Honorable Mention
There is joy and more joy in the Canvas by Canvas camp this morning after our invitation only Preview Party and Award Reception Friday evening at the Gables Villa Rosa, Uptown, Dallas, Texas when we heard Dr. Pete Deison, Arts Festival founder and juror, call our name. Patricia Meadows and Dr. Ted Pillsbury were also jurors This is the second year of this arts festival presented by the Park Cities Presbyterian Church. We absolutely love the process of choosing a theme and being juried into the show. The congregation has always expressed their love for us and treated all the artists like royalty. Approximately 150 Dallas area artists translated these Genesis "Beginnings of Creation" into works of sculpture, photography, and painting. Thirty-five pieces received special recognition and of these, four were awarded a $1,000 prize as Best of Theme. The festival is open daily from April 5 to 24 from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm and on Sunday will open at 2:00 pm. The People's Choice award will be revealed on April 13. All art is for purchase with the proceeds beyond the expenses given to help establish an after-school art program for West Dallas children.
Thank you church staff and volunteers, patrons and sponsors, for the many hours to make this event possible for the area artists to use our creative gifts to express our love for our Creator. Thank you, Doug Chesnut, Gables Villa Rosa and Gables Residential for the support of the arts in Uptown Dallas and hosting the Artists and Patron reception and the purchase of our 2008 winner. We met Neil Emmons, another art advocate.This marked a Grand Opening celebration for their new facility in the heart of Uptown at Cole Ave. and Cedar Springs. The Arts Festival will be on display at 2650 Cedar Springs for the DADA (Dallas Art Dealers Association) annual Spring Gallery Walk receiption on April 19 and the Uptown Dallas Art Walk on April 24.
Approximately 4,000 people viewed the show last year when Canvas by Canvas won first in one of the theme categories with "A Table Before Me".
My personal painting "The Fifth Day" was based on Theme 1. The square I painted for the CBC entry is here.
The Canvas by Canvas artists who attended the Preview Party were Cindy Yandell, our chauffeur, Maryann Stephens, Cindy Campbell, and Nancy Standlee. How appropriate that Bob Snider who had worked with us last year was our tour host and told us right before entering the exhibition room that our painting had sold. We didn't even try to control ourselves but screamed and yelled like we were on the 50 yard line - not too sophisticated a response but typical from us. As usual, we had a wonderful time and thank you, thank you for your support, PCPC, and since I just happened to bring my camera, I've prepared a slide show of some of the artists and friends of artists below.

Mouse over for the caption.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Margie Whittington
6 x 6 Acrylic on Canvas
A commision through Canvas by Canvas
Don't miss these other websites,
Just click on the links,
other CBC artists' blogspots

Sunday, February 3, 2008

SCARBOROUGH FAIRE - Garden Miniatures

Scarborough Faire: Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme
6" mini canvases - each $40

To purchase, visit the
Canvas by Canvas website miniature page or see them in person at the Neil Sperry Garden Show Feb 29 - March 3 at the Arlington Convention Center.
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
For once she was a true love of mine.
Now do you remember this old English song made famous by Simon and Garfunkel and also seen in the movie The Graduate?

These beautiful herbs would make a wonderful presentation in your garden room or kitchen and are affordable gift ideas!

Email the artist

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Garden Miniatures

Miniature Paintings from the Garden
by Margie Whittington

6" x 6" squares done with a Garden Theme

A bird perched on a tree limb

A pretty pink flower

A cactus in a tourquoise blue pot

All of the miniatures were painted for the upcoming
Neil Sperry Garden Show at the end of Februaty at
The Arlington Convention Center.
Drop by our Canvas by Canvas Booth to see all the
miniature garden paintings, plus some large florals.

Don't miss these other websites for more paintings by the
Canvas by Canvas artists.
Please come back soon to see what CBC is painting next.
Comments are welcome

Monday, January 7, 2008

More Minis and a Bear by Nancy Standlee

Several CBC members painted today at The Upstairs Gallery Studio where we rent one day a week and the ones who can attend enjoy a quiet day of fellowship, girl talk, painting and always lunch. To read more about the post you can read Nancy Standlee Art Blog.
Most of the paintings in the slide show will be available on our Canvas by Canvas web site and at the Neil Sperry Home and Garden Show. A few are personal works by members, Cindy Y and Karen F.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


at The Upstairs Gallery in Arlington

White Flowers by Maryann Stephens

A Sunflower by Nancy Standlee

A Fern by Cindy Yandell

Geraniums by Cindy Yandell

Watermelon Seeds by Cindy Yandell

Cacti by
Margie Whittington

Pink Tulips by Maryann Stephens

A fun time was had by all who painted together today, New Year's Day 2008, at the Upstairs Gallery. We are painting 6"x6" canvases for our upcoming show at the Arlington Convention Center, The Neil Sperry Garden Show in February. There will be bugs, birds, birdhouses, flowers and garden items painted on 6"x6" canvases. We will also have some of our large floral paintings on display. Mark your calendar now for ...

Neil Sperry All Texas Garden Show

Be sure and scroll down to see Pat Salazar's beautiful gardenia, pretty birdhouse
and colorful butterfly.