Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pair of Jacks

Ask a Texas rancher what animal is a natural guardian for his herds and he'll tell you it's a donkey! Here, two such sentries, Jack and Jenny, pose for one of our artists on a cattle ranch in Crockett, TX. Because of a donkey's loud braying, exceptional hearing, and expert back kicks, he provides safety for the herd from predators such as coyotes, wild dogs, and even snakes.
Pair of Jacks was produced by six different Canvas by Canvas artists with acrylics on 8" x 10" canvases. Framed together in a sturdy custom-made wood frame, the piece measures 24" x 28" and comes with the necessary hanging hardware and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the participating artists.

Friday, June 29, 2007

What's On the Easel?

Canvas by Canvas is nearing completion of it's latest collaborative painting and the excitement is mounting as we all await the final squares when we can see the painting come together.

Here's the latest piece of the puzzle and don't you know -- this painting is going to be a WINNER!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Six Canvas by Canvas members painted today at the Upstairs Gallery. This is the first painting posted as a new, but yet unnamed series, but we couldn't wait to share some of the canvases with you. Heels, a little sweet and a lot sassy, and we started early by playing dress-up in our Mother's best Sunday ones. These are on 6"x6" gallery wrapped canvases with a 7/8" profile. More styles and colors are on the way and a unique framing system will be available. Other themes will follow also. Stay tuned.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Be watching for our new individual paintings. They will measure 6 "x 6". The first theme will be shoes. How fun!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm back from beautiful Colorado. I took lots of photos of things that will be awesome to paint. We had fun flyfishing on the Eagle and Colorado Rivers by a raft one day and a fiberglass drift both the other day. The rivers were very high and fast. Another day we were joined by some former Duncanville friends on a high adventure whitewater rafting trip. It was rather scary and one lady got thrown from the raft on the first Class 3 we hit. Luckily, we didn't have anymore thrown overboard on the other Class 3's we hit, but I was knocked to the bottom of the raft twice with lots of cold water! That will wake you up! Had enough inside time to complete three paintings last week!
Thanks for the kind words about my square Betty. It was so much fun to do. I will be at my work at American Airlines tomorrow so will be anxious to see what other squares get finished after your day at The Upstairs Gallery Maryann

New Red Truck Square A

I didn't finish my truck square today. but WILL tomorrow at the Upstairs Gallery when Canvas by Canvas gets together again for our Monday paint-in.


It's all coming together....

The blog and the red truck painting! The canvases that have already been completed look great. I haven't even started my section yet (Square C). Good job, ladies, and THANKS for all the effort you've all been making to get us up and blogging!


ART SHOW in DeSoto

There's going to be a huge art show and sale in Desoto, Texas at the DeSoto Town Center. It's going to feature the work of Canvas by Canvas and will run every day in July. We're busy sending out invitations and maps. I hope we get as many people as possible to see our paintings. They are really GORGEOUS to look at in person -- even more stunning than they look on the internet! Click HERE for a slide show of some of the work of Canvas by Canvas.

square G

Red truck square G


This is Maryann's wonderful square for the Red Truck 2 that CBC is working on. She's done a wonderful job.

This is C2's square for the new Red Truck. It isn't completely done but it's close. More green weeds at the bottom and few hot licks and it'll be ready to go.
As soon as I can I will have Mas' and my square for the new Red Truck posted.

RED TRUCK 2 Square C

Our CBC story began years ago and we will eventually post it, but this is our 2nd red truck. We will be posting our squares as the puzzle squares are completed. Here is mine. Top right of a 9 10” square painting. At the end of the afternoon at the Upstairs Gallery in Arlington CBC members were saying “Stop. Quit painting. You’ve got it.” In the hot light of this Texas morning as the acrylic has darkened, I’m not so sure. It may need a few hot licks.
I didn’t want to do the foliage. I hate doing the foliage. I had a headlight area on the previous truck and got to use RED – absolutely one of my favorite colors but - now green, green, and more green.
Some from the CBC group made a photo op trip to Santa Fe in ‘06 where we were in gallery heaven, saw photographs of old trucks, and found old trucks even when we weren’t looking for them. When we returned we painted our first collaborative painting. CBC has always wanted to paint another GMC and now is an opportunity as we start preparations for an October show at the Petroleum Club, Fort Worth, TX. and a July show at the City Hall in DeSoto, TX. Who is finished with their square and wants to tell some of their thoughts on the painting of it?