Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July ... and Happy Birthday, CBC by Connie Michael

As we celebrate our country's independence today and the birthday of CBC, I'm grateful not only for our independence, but for the fact that as a community of artists we can also take pride in our DEPENDENCE...on each other. With only a few keystrokes we can find (or provide) a helping hand to encourage, advise, praise, critique, share tips and techniques ... anything at all that we need to make us better artists!

This is also our birthday. I love being part of Canvas by Canvas and what the nine of us have come to mean to each other. I love searching the internet for blogs and websites of other artists, and I love leaving them messages and receiving their responses. What artist isn't happy to be noticed and have someone take time to respond to their work? What a great way to meet new friends and see what incredible talent is out there.

The red truck in the photo is the third in a series we've painted of red trucks and it's one of two commissions we've just completed for someone we think is pretty special. Trucks seem to be popular painting subjects for artists and viewers alike. Can you think of anything that has made us more independent that transportation? And to have transportation that's FUN, too ... what more could we ask? Maybe a red truck, a full moon and someone you love to share the fireworks...?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Square "D" ~ Kinky 2 ~ Sketchbook/Journaling ~ In Bruges by Nancy Standlee

Square "D"
"Save a seat for Kinky 2" for Canvas by Canvas
This is a commission for a larger version of our "Kinky" painting and you can see it On the Easel in progress.
Our easel paintings will be moved out to our paintings when finished so you might need to just check the Paintings menu if the link doesn't work. It depends on the time factor when you read this post. I finished this yesterday at TUG and we are starting another painting of an old Mercury. (We will have a show there in July and more to come.)
To read the rest of the post, go to Nancy Standlee Art Blog.