Tuesday, August 7, 2007

LA DOLCE VITA by Mitchell-Taylor

La Dolce Vita - Sassy Shoe by Elizabeth Mitchell-Taylor
6" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas
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I'd like to share with you a painting I did for our mini series on shoes. There are dizzying array of shoe choices on websites such as Zappos. But why not purchase a pair or two of designer shoes from Canvas by Canvas to display in the powder room or bedroom of your home? Your feet will love you and you'll get a real "kick" out of seeing these elegant orange and gold brocade Dolce and Gabana shoes every day. These shoes are painted on gallery wrapped canvas and can be hung individually, or can be arranged in one of our custom made frames.
One of the joys of being a Canvas by Canvas painter is that, feeding off each other's enthusiasm, we all become more productive and better painters. In a recent newsletter by Robert Genn, the Painter's Keys, he talks about the benefits of a buddy system of painting and mentions these pointers for getting along.
  1. Don't comment unless asked.
  2. Give the gift of joyous approval.
  3. Accept all comers for what they wish to become.
  4. Understand and grant other styles and approaches.
  5. Feature others rather than yourself.
  6. Bask in the sunshine of others' success.
  7. Treasure the miracle of friendship.

These are great tips for ANY social endeavor and with 11 members, Canvas by Canvas thinks they are especially valuable as we pursue our collaborative painting experiment.


  1. That would be pretty shoe, lovely thoughts.

  2. I always like hearing from Genn and seeing your paintings. Great post.


  3. Oh my goodness that shoe is too cute! I want some.....
    I enjoyed reading your tips on how to get along. Think I'll put some of them to use.