Thursday, August 30, 2007

WATER VIBE by Mitchell-Taylor

6" x 6"
Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

This green and red Water Vibe fishing lure looks like it's swimming and has probably caught a fish or two in its time. With the holidays in only 4 short months a lot of resourceful people are doing their shopping early. Canvas by Canvas will be selling these colorful paintings in their booth at the Front Street Festival in Arlington, Texas on September 29, 2007. For more information visit the website of the Arlington Historical Society. Affordable and compact, these paintings will make the ideal gift for the man who has everything. They can be hung by themselves or placed into one of our custom-made wooden frames.

Heddon Musky Night ~ Radiant Charmer Lure ~ by Nancy Standlee

6" x 6"
For purchases go to Canvas by Canvas.
This is an antique fishing lure and I've discovered these can sell for thousands of dollars. When we began this project, I was fishing fly and lure information deficient. I had no idea what paraphernalia a fishing enthusiast might use since my last fishing experience involved a cork and a cane pole or maybe a small red and white plastic bobble cork. Now I think I can tell the difference between a fly and a lure but that is about all with the exception these are fun to paint. I hope they will be fun to purchase.
More information on fishing lures can be found at Wikepedia.
Be sure and save this date, Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2007 for the Junior Leagues' 25th annual Holiday Magic show at the Arlington, TX. convention center.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jim Dandy Fishing Lure by Margie Whittington

This is another addition to our new mini paintings of fishing lures and flies. This one is called a Jim Dandy. I painted it to look old and cracked. Maybe this lure has caught a lot of fish in its lifetime. If you or someone in your family enjoys fishing and collecting fishing items, these 6 X 6 mini paintings would make great gifts. There are custom frames available for one, two or as many as you want. Don't miss our booth at The Front Street Art Show and Sale in Arlington and we will also have a booth at Holiday Magic this coming November. Stayed tuned for more fishing fun!!!!!
To view more of Margie's art work and Margie's blog

Monday, August 27, 2007


This is a rendering of an antique Jointed Darter fishing lure that was manufactured by
Bender and Flynn ca. 1945. For pricing and viewing of other lures and flies, go to Also check out our Artist Food Network blog at

Sunday, August 26, 2007

FLYING RED ANT by Pat Salazar

If you are a fly fisherman, you know that you need to match the hatch when stream fishing. If there are red ants flying around, this particular fly which I have painted and named Freddie, will be your best friend. It is a Flying Red Ant. One of our CbC members, Margie, who has just returned from Cuchara, New Mexico, used this fly to catch a great number of fish. I hope to have the privilege of not only fishing with this one, but taking more lessons from my guide, Andy Kim, and using other flies that he has tied for me and my favorite fisherman, Frank! Check out our web page at for details about our paintings of flies, lures along with other interesting R3 minis!


I have had several painting assignments for Canvas by Canvas to complete before we leave on a trip as we have several important shows coming up in the near future. One of the exciting things that we will be participating in is Holiday Magic. Every year since 1982, more than 10,000 North Texans flock to Holiday Magic, a holiday gift market with the unique gifts from more than 100 exclusive vendors and attend the highly anticipated Ladies Style Show and Luncheon. This year Holiday Magic also includes a Tween Style Show and Children’s Party. It is sponsored by the Junior League of Arlington. Check out their web site at If you happen to be in the area, be sure to join us for the fun and great shopping! We will be showing many of our paintings for sale there, among which will be our new whimsical minis which consist of lures and flies for the ladies and gentlemen in your family who enjoy the wonderful sport of fishing. To be perfectly honest, I was NOT looking forward to painting these funny little creatures, but once I got into it, I became very excited and they actually started to take on a personality all their own! I have named this one "Casper" as the lure is called a Punkinhead Spook. I think that Casper has a personality all his own, in fact I find him to be very "alluring" ;-) Casper makes great bait for shad if that is your fish of choice.These little jewels are each 6x6 on gallery wrapped canvas and are the perfect original gift for that outdoor person in your life. Check out our web site at for more details. I had such fun painting him and I hope that you enjoy seeing our work and hopefully buying one or two. Can't wait to paint more of them.

Monday, August 13, 2007


We are starting a new series of Mini paintings to help get everyone in the mood for Christmas gifts and giving something special and original to those people in your lives who are important to you. This design for this particular painting originated from a Bulto that I have in my Southwest Folk Art collection. The name Bulto (Traditional) is a statue of Christ, a saint or the Blessed Virgin carved from cottonwood root, covered with gesso and painted. Sometimes the statue is clothed. Contemporary bultos can be found in bronze and other media, but the traditional ones are always hand carved and painted from local wood. They are very popular at Spanish Market in Santa Fe which is held in late July each year. Local artisans sell their "wares" if you will, and you can see all the colorful hand carved pieces as you stroll around the Plaza. Our new series consists of Angels and they would make wonderful stocking stuffers for that special someone. Each one is on a 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas and is hand painted by a different artist in the group. They are large enough to make a great impression and yet small enough to put on a free standing easel.

You can also start a collection of these miniatures and put them in one of our hand crafted custom made frames. We will also have some "surprise" paintings coming soon that will be terrific gifts for the man of your dreams. To get more information on all of our Minis, please visit our web page at Christmas is just around the corner and this is a very easy way to begin your shopping and avoid the crowds!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LEOPARD SPOTS by Margie Whittington

Don't put a Tiger in your tank, put a Leopard on your wall. You can feel the jungle under your feet as you look at this bright orange leopard skin shoe on your wall as a single painting or buy several of the Sassy Shoe paintings that are in Canvas by Canvas's mini series of Sassy Singles and have a grouping. For a very reasonable price these 6x6 paintings can't be beat for a fun birthday gift for a special friend or a girl's college dorm could be decorated around the shoe theme. Don't hesitate, buy one, two, three or more.
Be sure and view our Canvas by Canvas website, and the other blogs by the artists of Canvas by canvas listed on this blogspot.Hurry back to see what's coming up next by the creative artists of CBC!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

LA DOLCE VITA by Mitchell-Taylor

La Dolce Vita - Sassy Shoe by Elizabeth Mitchell-Taylor
6" x 6" Acrylic on Canvas
HERE for info

I'd like to share with you a painting I did for our mini series on shoes. There are dizzying array of shoe choices on websites such as Zappos. But why not purchase a pair or two of designer shoes from Canvas by Canvas to display in the powder room or bedroom of your home? Your feet will love you and you'll get a real "kick" out of seeing these elegant orange and gold brocade Dolce and Gabana shoes every day. These shoes are painted on gallery wrapped canvas and can be hung individually, or can be arranged in one of our custom made frames.
One of the joys of being a Canvas by Canvas painter is that, feeding off each other's enthusiasm, we all become more productive and better painters. In a recent newsletter by Robert Genn, the Painter's Keys, he talks about the benefits of a buddy system of painting and mentions these pointers for getting along.
  1. Don't comment unless asked.
  2. Give the gift of joyous approval.
  3. Accept all comers for what they wish to become.
  4. Understand and grant other styles and approaches.
  5. Feature others rather than yourself.
  6. Bask in the sunshine of others' success.
  7. Treasure the miracle of friendship.

These are great tips for ANY social endeavor and with 11 members, Canvas by Canvas thinks they are especially valuable as we pursue our collaborative painting experiment.

Friday, August 3, 2007

"Slinky Slide" - Cindy Yandell

Put your little foot... right here in a Slinky Slide guaranteed not to rub blisters! This small 6 x 6 acrylic painting is the latest release in our High Heels mini-series. Wouldn't this gallery-wrapped canvas look terrific on the bedroom wall of your favorite fashionista girl? You can purchase it for $40.00 at Canvas by Canvas. Look, too, at the custom frames offered to spotlight your little shoes purchases.
Other paintings by Cindy Yandell are on the Canvas by Canvas web site.


"Pretty in Plaid" is the next single shoe in Canvas by Canvas's line of Mini Sassy Shoes. View the entire summer line of these adorable shoes and our Celebrity Cupcakes, not to mention our larger works HERE.

"Pretty in Plaid" ~ by Cindy Campbell ~ 6"x 6" ~ acrylic on canvas ~ $40

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mother Hubbard Never Had a Shoe Like This

Poor Mother Hubbard had to wear all those old clunky shoes because she had so many children. You can go to Canvas by Canvas and buy this cool shoe painting as a reminder of how lucky you are not to have to keep your children in your shoes!!! It is on sale for $40 including shipping.

My husband and I just got back from a Baltic Cruise on the Holland America Line "Veendam",. It was a wonderful trip that started and ended in Copenhagen, Denmark. We were walking one day near the popular Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen and passed a shoe store. This shoe was sitting in the window and I just had to photograph and paint it...hope you like it...Maryann Stephens