Monday, August 13, 2007


We are starting a new series of Mini paintings to help get everyone in the mood for Christmas gifts and giving something special and original to those people in your lives who are important to you. This design for this particular painting originated from a Bulto that I have in my Southwest Folk Art collection. The name Bulto (Traditional) is a statue of Christ, a saint or the Blessed Virgin carved from cottonwood root, covered with gesso and painted. Sometimes the statue is clothed. Contemporary bultos can be found in bronze and other media, but the traditional ones are always hand carved and painted from local wood. They are very popular at Spanish Market in Santa Fe which is held in late July each year. Local artisans sell their "wares" if you will, and you can see all the colorful hand carved pieces as you stroll around the Plaza. Our new series consists of Angels and they would make wonderful stocking stuffers for that special someone. Each one is on a 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas and is hand painted by a different artist in the group. They are large enough to make a great impression and yet small enough to put on a free standing easel.

You can also start a collection of these miniatures and put them in one of our hand crafted custom made frames. We will also have some "surprise" paintings coming soon that will be terrific gifts for the man of your dreams. To get more information on all of our Minis, please visit our web page at Christmas is just around the corner and this is a very easy way to begin your shopping and avoid the crowds!


  1. Great beginning for our new mini series PC, that would be a perfect present. bg