Monday, November 9, 2009

"OVER ICE" by Canvas by Canvas Artists


12" x 18" - $20 plus $5 shipping

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View other abstracts done by the Canvas by Canvas artists

IMAGINE . . . each square of every painting is done by a different artist!
Canvas by Canvas is a group of Texas artists who share a love
of painting and have a unique friendship. Their individual painting styles are as
different as their signatures but they unite their painting
voices to produce dramatic art.Each square of every painting is
done by a different Canvas by Canvas artist, and the
charm of the finished painting lies in the individuality of style found in each section.
 Each canvas is initialed on the front and signed on the side by the artist
who painted it. The front of the painting is also
signed with the Canvas by Canvas group signature.

This post by Margie Whittington

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