Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ANNOUNCING .... Our New Mini Series CUPCAKES

Cupcake Love by Nancy Standlee
6" x 6"
Acrylic on canvas Gallery wrapped canvas 7/8" profile

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Custom frames are available in single, double, triple or quadruple and can be viewed along with the shoes on our website.
Canvas by Canvas
We hope you love these little gems as much as we have loved creating them. All things small and wonderful. These are our newest paintings. We look forward to your responses.

When our collaborative painting group began talking about the cupcake series it generated hundreds of emails over night. One CBCer woke up to 150 new emails after thinking the topic had waned and went to bed. She wrote to me “You sure talk slow but type fast.” Others not involved in blogging – YET-- tend to call the rest “Bloggernuts” and I may have to agree. But we’re just “baby bloggers” excited about cupcakes and blogging. I did a “cupcake” blog search on Technorati and oh, well, HELLO! So I need to add a disclaimer here. “No, we’re not cupcakes. We’re painting cupcakes.” Most of us have a history with cupcakes. I don’t think I remember my Mom making them but she did make her share of 3 layer chocolate cakes from scratch: however, I’ve made my share for school parties, but none as cute as our fancy little acrylic cupcake numbers. I found a delightful article in the
San Francisco Chronicle by Amanda Gold, called Cupcake Cravings: These irresistible confections bring out the kid in all of us. For a great cupcake blog try Chockylit Cupcake Bakeshop.
Johnny Cupcakes is another story. Here is part of it about how he started a very successful t-shirt design company:
“I began poking fun at pop culture by replacing familiar icons with cupcakes! A
Statue of Liberty holding a cupcake instead of a torch, a jet plane dropping
cupcakes instead of bombs..and at the time the skull and crossbones was all over
the place, so I thought it would be funny to replace the skull with a cupcake.
That t-shirt seemed to be the most bold, memorable and admirable t-shirtout of
the random shirts I continued releasing.”
So everyone seems to have a cupcake connection. Our cupcakes paintings are whimsical plus a bit of nostalgia, and trendy and we hope you like them. We’ve had a ton of fun painting them.

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  1. This is one way to have a cupcake in my life without worrying about weight gain! They all look good enough to eat and I'm thinking that a whole row of them in my kitchen would be great.