Friday, December 23, 2011



This magnificent painting by the Canvas By Canvas artists is so intricate and creative that you will delight in all the things you see everytime you look!! One of our artists found this wonderful scarf in a charming antique shop in Ft. Worth, Texas. Next to it was a box of old ornate magnifying glasses. It was too hard to resist....she put the scarf out on the table as the shopkeeper watched in amusement and arranged the magnifying glasses on the scarf.....and was amazed at the beautiful creation. A photo couldn't do it justice.....we had to paint it!! You might say it became our "Magnificent Obsession!". As with all of our paintings, photos cannot possible do them justice!! You have to look closely and follow all the brush strokes and realize how amazing it is that each square is painted by a different artist.

"Magnify" is a painting containing nine 10-inch canvases that are framed together in a custom black wood frame. Including frame it is approximately 32" by 32" This colorful piece will be a perfect accent in any decor.
The artists are offering this painting at the special magnificent price of $1,200. You can see more paintings at our website

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